Month: August 2014

How To: Make Your Beadboard Ceiling Beautiful

By Scott Sidler • August 28, 2014

beadboard ceiling

A beadboard ceiling is one of the most common designs used in the construction of old houses because of its awesome versatility. Its tongue & groove design allows it to hold tightly together to keep the elements out and provides […]

How To: Test for Lead Paint

By Scott Sidler • August 25, 2014

how to test for lead paint

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about lead paint, so I wanted to try to address some of those questions to make folks feel a little safer in their old homes. If you live in a house built […]

Ask the Craftsman: How to Encapsulate Lead Paint

By Scott Sidler • August 21, 2014


Today’s question comes from Jacques: “What would you recommend for plaster walls and wood trim/mouldings on a 90 year old house? My wife and I are planning on having kids, so we’d like to get the house lead free in a safe […]

Adam & Georgian Style

By Scott Sidler • August 18, 2014

Georgian entryway

In America’s early colonial period, times were tough and architecture was not foremost on settler’s minds. Survival was the name of the game and the architecture of the time reflected that with simple utilitarian homes. By 1700, America’s population had grown […]

Ask the Craftsman: What’s With the Pineapples?

By Scott Sidler • August 14, 2014

pineapple fence

This week’s question comes from…my wife. Seriously, she has been wanting me to write about this for awhile now. And yes, I’ll be sending her a free copy of my eBook as a thank you. Why are there pineapples carved on […]

3 Secrets to a Stress-Free Remodel

By Scott Sidler • August 11, 2014

Some renovations drag on and on and on with no end in sight. Delays, revisions, inspections- they all conspire to make your project feel like it will never end. Or maybe you can’t get your project off the ground. You’ve […]

Ask The Craftsman: Wood Shingle Roofs Gone Forever?

By Scott Sidler • August 7, 2014

Wood shingles

This week’s question comes from Jeremy in Tampa, FL. “Why does no one use legitimate cedar or wood shake shingles anymore?…didn’t some of the older houses begin that way?” Good question Jeremy! I love the look of wood shingle roofs […]

The Oldest City in America

By Scott Sidler • August 4, 2014

Oldest School in America

Recently, my wife and I went on vacation to the oldest city in America. Luckily, I have a wife who loves old buildings (almost) as much as I do! I wanted to share some of the history and pictures with […]