Remote Window Restoration

By Scott Sidler • March 30, 2020

remote window restoration

I understand that the title “remote window restoration” may seem a little odd. Do you have a 300 mile long putty knife? Sadly no, but this craziness of quarantining and social distancing has given me an idea for a new […]

6 Home Projects to Do While Quarantined

By Scott Sidler • March 23, 2020

6 Home Projects to Do While Quarantined

Are we all having fun yet with the Coronavirus quarantine and social distancing? Not so much for me, but like anyone I’m trying to make the best of it and look for the silver lining in this dark cloud. I […]

Harbor Freight vs Home Depot

By Scott Sidler • March 16, 2020

harbor freight vs home depot

If you’re a homeowner you are constantly buying tools and supplies to make repairs and fix things that break. We’re all looking for the best tools and supplies at the right price so I thought I’d give you my thoughts […]

5 DIY Projects Using Salvaged Items

By Scott Sidler • March 9, 2020

DIY projects

Usually I’m showing you how to restore your old house, but sometimes I like to get creative and reuse some of the myriad of leftover building materials I come across as a restoration contractor. Today, I wanted to give you […]

Picking the Right Paint Brush

By Scott Sidler • March 2, 2020

picking the right paint brush

Picking the right paint brush is a big deal! It may not seem like it, but using the right brush is pivotal to your finish turning out right. If you want to have a great finish then there are three things you need to get right. The right technique, the right paint, and the right brush. These three things make up the holy trinity of painting. You can’t have a truly great paint job without all three.

Fix Drafty Windows

By Scott Sidler • February 24, 2020

Stopping Drafts With Proper Hardware

Fixing drafty windows is easier than you may think. We all know that old windows can be drafty, but those drafts can largely be stopped with proper hardware. You have to have the right hardware, it has to be installed properly, and it has to be free of paint.

How To: Fix a Sagging Door

By Scott Sidler • February 17, 2020

how to fix a sagging door

It’s never good news when something starts sagging and your doors are no exception. Don’t worry though, because learning how to fix a sagging door is simple and after 5 minutes of reading this post you’ll be ready for the task!

Dear HGTV, I Have Concerns…

By Scott Sidler • February 10, 2020

Dear HGTV, I Have Concerns

Dear HGTV, I have concerns. I love you. You’ve been a faithful companion and we’ve shared more than a few laughs and tears together, but I’m worried you’re drifting away from me.