Wood Restoration in 4 Easy Steps

By Scott Sidler | March 19, 2018

wood restoration in 4 easy steps

If you are doing any wood restoration then using epoxy is a must, but a lot of people are intimidated when they hear the word “epoxy” like it is some dark art of magic wood repair that only professionals can […]

Preservation is Not About the Past, It’s About the Future

By Scott Sidler | March 12, 2018

preservation is not about the past it's about the future

You may think that historic preservation and the preservationists that adhere to its sometimes kitschy principles are stuck in the past, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, I’m going to let you in on a little […]

How To: Install Subway Tile

By Scott Sidler | March 5, 2018

how to install subway tile

Subway tile is one of the staples of kitchens and bathrooms in historic homes. The clean simplicity of 3″ x 6″ ceramic rectangles harken back to the early 20th-century like nothing else. It has been around comfortably over a hundred […]

The Everyman’s Saw Blade Guide

By Scott Sidler | February 26, 2018

the everyman's saw blade guide

It’s a pretty basic thing, but getting the right saw blade for the job is an important part of getting the job done right. The wrong blade can tear up your material or make the job so much harder. Choosing […]

Want to Learn Historic Restoration?

By Scott Sidler | February 19, 2018

want to learn historic restoration?

Want to learn historic restoration? I may have a lot of posts and videos on this site to help you learn the skills you need to restore your old house, but sometimes you need a little bit more. Sometimes you […]

Why Fake Shutters Make Me Angry

By Scott Sidler | February 12, 2018

why fake shutters make me angry

It’s true that I have a problem with fake shutters. If you follow my instagram page you’ll see a healthy spattering of shutter fails. They give me a little bit of rage that no other architectural element does (I’ve written […]

How To: Paint an Old Radiator

By Scott Sidler | February 5, 2018

how to paint an old radiator

Your radiator carries a heavy load all winter keeping you warm and toasty, and it deserves a little love too to keep it looking its best. Painting an old radiator is not the same as slapping on some wall paint. […]

Why I Restore

By Scott Sidler | January 29, 2018

Why I Restore

I thought it might be fun to take a break from all the DIYing and tutorials about how to do this or how to restore that and talk for one week about why we do all this work in the […]