Is Foam Insulation Worth it?

By Scott Sidler • February 11, 2019

is foam insulation worth it

It gets cold outside in the winter but that doesn’t mean it has to be cold inside your house. Using the right kind of insulation in the right way is the key to staying warm and safe indoors. I recently […]

The Pitfalls of Old Home Insulation

By Scott Sidler • February 4, 2019

the pitfalls of old home insulation

Old home insulation is a controversial topic among old house owners and restorers. What are the right materials to add and where can I use them? Will it cause unforeseen problems down the line? There are lots of questions and […]

Plaster & Window Workshop

By Scott Sidler • January 30, 2019

historic homes workshop

A special midweek post this week because I’m going to be teaching at the Historic Homes Workshop with some of my favorite preservation friends February 8-10 in Brooksville, FL. If you’re sick of the winter weather why not spend a […]

5 Home Projects With a Huge ROI

By Scott Sidler • January 28, 2019

5 home projects with a huge ROI

Some home projects provide more value than others and some can provide a huge Return on Investment (ROI) when compared to the rest of the pack. Sometimes that payback is in the form of added value for a potential sale […]

Why “Green” is Dead

By Scott Sidler • January 21, 2019

why green is dead

The green movement swept across the country more than a decade ago promising to change the way we thought about things like energy efficiency, recycling, waste, and the environment as a whole. And while it brought it us some environmental […]

Is Finger Joint Lumber Worth It?

By Scott Sidler • January 14, 2019

is finger joint lumber worth it

We all want cheaper lumber, right? Well, you may not want “cheap” lumber, but you certainly don’t want to pay any more for your materials than you have to. And that’s where finger joint lumber comes in. While it can […]

OSB vs. Plywood: Which is Better?

By Scott Sidler • January 7, 2019

osb vs plywood which is better

What’s the difference in OSB vs. plywood? They are certainly two very similar items that are used in almost identical applications. The general public often calls plywood OSB and OSB plywood. So, what’s the difference, really? Is it like the […]

Party Like It’s 1969?

By Scott Sidler • December 31, 2018

Party Like It's 1969?

Tonight at midnight the ball will drop and the year 2019 will begin. That means from a historical preservation standpoint anything from 1969 or earlier is considered “historic”. Historic preservation has traditionally waited until at least 50 years has passed […]