When Windows Used to Open

By Scott Sidler | June 11, 2018

when windows used to open

I’ve been writing about windows all month since my newest book Old Windows In-Depth has just come out for preservation month and so my brain has definitely been in window mode. Just yesterday I drove past a new commercial development […]

DIY Dad Day Gifts

By Scott Sidler | June 4, 2018

DIY Dad Day Gifts

Does your husband or dad really need another tire gauge or techie gadget this year? Maybe this year he’d be better suited with a tool to help him get his hands dirty or a good book to learn something new. […]

How To: Replace Broken Sash Cords

By Scott Sidler | May 28, 2018

how to replace broken sash cords

On this memorial day weekend, here is the last free excerpt from my new book Old Windows In-Depth that has just been released. Make sure to check it out in the store to get sale pricing before June 1st! So, […]

How To: Restore Varnished Window Sash

By Scott Sidler | May 21, 2018

how to restore varnished window sash

Here we are on week two of your free content from my new book Old Windows In-Depth. This week I’ll be sharing the chapter on how to restore varnished window sash, since the process is a little bit different. All […]

How To: Work with Vinyl Jamb Liners

By Scott Sidler | May 14, 2018

how to work with vinyl jamb liners

This week is the first free chapter from my new book Old Windows In-Depth! Be sure to check out the book, which is available on pre-order in my store until the official release on May 23rd! Today, I’ll show you […]

May is Old Windows Month! (Giveaway)

By Scott Sidler | May 7, 2018

may is old windows month

Well, technically May is preservation month here in the states, but I am making a declaration of my own for May of 2018, because I have some very exciting news! I am officially declaring May to be Old Windows Month! […]

How To: Get an Old House Ready for Spring

By Scott Sidler | April 30, 2018

how to get an old house ready for spring

Spring is upon us and it’s time to do a little seasonal maintenance for your old house to keep things humming into the summer. I’ve put together this little guide to help you focus on what matters and make the […]

The Problems with Composite Decking

By Scott Sidler | April 23, 2018

the problems with composite decking

There are a lot of options for decking today. It’s not like the old days where you had to simply choose between different species of wood. Today, there are still all of the wood options of yesterday, but now there […]