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A Better Wood Finish

Austin’s Wood Butter

As a restorer of old things I am always looking for better, more efficient ways to do my work while at the same time creating a better finished product. In order to do that I spend a lot of time researching finishes and techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago and trying to figure out a way to bring them into the 21st century.

Finishing wood is a huge topic and there are a tons of products out there. There is varnish, polyurethane, polycrylic, oils, waxes, and the list goes on. Each of them has a place, but they are either filled with smelly VOCs, or they mildew, or some other issue.

I was tired of it, so I have been working for about 18 months testing and reformulating and testing some more to create a product that solves most of these problems and I want to share it with you today so you can make up your own mind.

What is Wood Butter?

Austin’s Wood Butter is a timeless recipe that has been used for centuries to provide a lustrous, low-sheen finish to wood, metal, and leather projects. Why is it called “wood butter?” Because it leaves the surface feeling as smooth as butter! Not to mention it looks and feels kinda like melted butter.

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Here’s why it’s so great: The historic formula was traditionally a mixture of natural tung oil and beeswax. Unlike boiled linseed oil, true tung oil (like we use) does not mildew! The beeswax gives it body for easier workability and better water repelling power. Then we added a proprietary blend of essential oils to help it not only smell nice but fight mold, mildew, and algae so it can be used outdoors or indoors.

Simple ingredients, timeless formula and best of all it is completely non-toxic. It can be used on and around food products safely as it contains only food safe natural ingredients.

Simple Application

Historically, film forming finishes are a pain to re-coat. They require lots of sanding to strip the old finish off before you can re-coat. They blister and get water trapped beneath them. No thanks! We worked hard to develop a finish that doesn’t need sanding between applications. Just clean the surface and apply another coat if you need to renew the finish.

Simply apply with a scouring pad or cotton rag (a little goes a long way), buff into the surface, wait about 45 mins for penetration into the surface, and then buff the surface clean removing any remaining product with a cotton rag. 3-4 coats is usually sufficient for a long lasting protective finish. Let it dry overnight before use or 72 hrs before exposing to weather. We recommend annual application for exterior projects and as needed for interior projects depending on use.

Wood Projects Uses

  • Woodworking Projects (cutting boards, wood utensils, etc.)
  • Furniture (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Wood Floors
  • Wood Windows & Doors
  • Trim & Molding
  • Tool Handles

Metal Project Uses

  • Hand Tools
  • Hardware
  • Woodworking Machines (table saws, jointer/planer. etc.)

Other Uses

  • Exterior Plastic Products (patio furniture, toys, etc.)
  • Leather Products (shoes, belts, tool belts, saddles, etc.)

Not Like Other Products

There are a few BIG difference between Austin’s Wood Butter and other products that we worked hard to make happen.

  1. Completely food-safe and VOC free
  2. Foolproof easy application and maintenance
  3. Reasonable prices

If you’re in the woodworking space you may have heard of other oils or wood butters with ridiculously high prices. That’s not what we do with Austin’s products. They are the same high quality products every time at prices average homeowners can afford. That’s my mission with our products, and I feel like this one hit the target square in the center, but you’ll have to give it a try and let me know what you think. Pick up your container of Austin’s Wood Butter here.

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