Ask The Craftsman: Can I Reglaze Windows Without Removing the Glass?

By Scott Sidler • July 31, 2014

This week’s question comes from Amy.

“Can I reglaze the outside [of my windows] without removing the panes and replacing the interior seating portion?”


reglaze windows
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Scott Sidler

Absolutely! When you reglaze windows, it’s not always necessary to replace the glazing “bed” which is the putty that the pane rests on in the glazing rabbet.

Replacing the bedding putty is beneficial, though, since it will help air seal the glass and also help to keep interior condensation from getting at the putty.

It is much easier to replace just the worn out finish glazing, and this can be done fairly easily with the window in place. You won’t have to worry about beating the weather either since the glass can remain in place.

In the end, remove the glass and replace the bedding and finish glazing for the best results, but just reglazing the outside is the next best thing.


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3 thoughts on “Ask The Craftsman: Can I Reglaze Windows Without Removing the Glass?”

  1. Just left a post on your Facebook page, but…I have a window that is stationary and is part of a porch – so it doesn’t get the heat of the house at all, but the glazing needs to be replaced all around. It has 4 small windows along the top and one larger one below those. Can it be done now or should I wait until warmer temperatures? Thanks.

  2. It’s good to know that you can reglaze windows like this. There are a few windows around my home that could really use it at this point. I’ll have to try tackling that project this weekend when I have a little bit of free time.

  3. While we are talking about windows…
    I have a casement window that is totally shot, what is there and holding glass is made of different widths of wood, none of which match the paired window.
    There is nothing to repair, do I need to find a local carpenter to make one matching the good side?

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