Month: August 2012

5 Dangers Hiding in Your Old House

By Scott Sidler • August 27, 2012

Dust Mask

I admit, it’s a pretty sensational title, but there are indeed five things lurking within most any old house that could potentially spell disaster for you and your family. Knowing how to properly handle them is the key to staying […]

Save the Historic Homes on Lake Eola

By Scott Sidler • August 21, 2012

Lake Eola Historic Homes

Lake Eola’s last remaining historic homes are in danger of destruction. Yesterday, I learned of the City of Orlando’s plans to remove 5 historic (according the Orlando Sentinel these homes are only “semi-historic” whatever that may mean) homes dating from […]

How To: Open Stuck Windows in 4 Easy Steps

By Scott Sidler • August 20, 2012

Historic Window

If your house is old enough to have needed a new paint job in its life, then you might have a couple windows that have been painted shut. If your house is as old as mine (1929), you’d be lucky […]

“Dead as a Doornail”

By Scott Sidler • August 15, 2012


Here’s just a little fun mid-week post about something I’ve been thinking about: Who hasn’t used the phrase “Dead as a doornail” at some point in their life? And how many of us actually know where the term comes from? […]

Folk Victorian Style

By Scott Sidler • August 13, 2012

Cross Gabled Folk Victorian

The Folk Victorian style is one of the most often found styles of historic homes in America. Folk Victorians can be found in almost every state, and chances are, you’ll find an example somewhere in your own town. Next to […]

Why a Tiny House Should Be Your Next House

By Scott Sidler • August 6, 2012

The Tiny House movement is a growing trend in home design today. You might be surprised to find that a Tiny House is the perfect answer to living better than you ever imagined. With a focus on quality over quantity, […]