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Where to Find Old Window Parts

Where to Find Old Window Parts

So you’ve got old windows? Double-hung windows, casement windows, steel windows, any kind of old windows and they all have window parts that are not sitting on the shelf at your local hardware store. Some of them are hard to find. Sure I carry a lot of the restoration tools and supplies you’ll need to restore your old windows like glazing putty and vacuum scrapers in my online store, but to carry every little piece of hardware or some of the unique balance systems that have appeared across the decades is beyond the scope of my little store.

If you need those random window parts that nobody carries I wanted to give you a little help today by sharing some of the best vendors of obscure window parts and hardware just for you. That’s right, I’m going to share all my competitors with you so be kind and shop here when you can, but when I don’t have the stuff you need check out these other folks. It’s a big internet out there and you can find just about anything if you know where to look. Not everything is still available these days, but check out the websites below for the best in window parts that you may not have been able to find till now.


Strybuc has a huge catalogue of old style window parts in various finishes and materials You can find all of the following in their online catalogue which can take quite some time to dig through, but I assure you they are all in there in one form or another.

  • Steel & wood casement operators
  • Steel & wood casement latches
  • Invisible sash balances
  • Awning & jalousie hardware
  • Locks & lifts
  • Screening hardware
  • Weatherstripping

CR Laurence

Another big boy in the glass and glazing category on the web, CRL has a ton of supplies for glaziers and their selection of window hardware isn’t too shabby either. This isn’t the high end solid bronze type, but rather utilitarian window hardware. You won’t find Victorian style latches here but you’ll find a lot of options that fit 1930s to modern homes. The selection is vast and you can definitely go down a worm hole on their site.

  • Storm & screen hardware
  • Glazing supplies
  • Steel & wood casement operators
  • Steel & wood casement latches
  • Glass tools
  • Screening tools

Blaine Window Hardware

They website is very Web 1.0, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the supplies I need. Blaine has some hard to find styles and items that I just can’t find anywhere else. Its a very valuable site if only because they have most of the parts for window balance systems that no one else does.

  • Wood window cranks
  • Channel balances
  • Spiral (tube) balances
  • Jamb liners
  • Discontinued manufacturer hardware (Anderson, Pella, Biltbest, etc.)

House of Antique Hardware

For some high quality period appropriate hardware this is a great place to shop. Wide selection with great designs and everything is solidly built for those who care about quality. I particularly like their “living” finish which ages naturally like real hardware should.

  • Solid metal window hardware of all kinds
  • Screen/storm hardware
  • Door hardware
  • Period lighting fixtures
  • Period plumbing fixtures

Van Dykes Restorers

Think Restoration Hardware but at a price normal people can afford. Van Dykes has a HUGE selection of designer hardware and fixtures that are always stylish and never utilitarian like Strybuc or CR Laurence.

  • Sinks & Vanities
  • Window hardware
  • Decorative Wood
  • Knobs & Pulls

SRS Hardware

My biggest competitor! What am I even doing sharing this? Serious, Justin Smith runs a great little shop selling the same kind of stuff I do except instead of devising better methods for restoring windows and teaching folks like I do, he is helping all of us by inventing and manufacturing better hardware and window accessories that are designed for window restorers. He sells very clever products that nobody else on the web has that you should definitely check out.

  • Sash weights
  • Sash chain
  • Window hardware
  • Window pulleys

The Craftsman Blog Store

The best store on the web! Wait, that may be a little bias, but hey. My store is focused on sourcing the supplies, tools, and knowledge products you need every day to get the work done of restoring old windows. If you know it, you’ll love it.

  • Locks & lifts
  • Glazing putty & epoxy
  • Unique window tools
  • Weatherstripping
  • Books

Kilian Hardware

One of the last true hardware stores around Kilian is located in Philly and their website gets you all the stuff you need for old windows and then some. It got a lot of variety for old school windows, no new things here just the old standards.

  • Sash chain
  • Locks & latches
  • Spring bolts
  • Weatherstripping
  • Sash weights

I hope you’ve found this list helpful. If I’m missing someone please let me know and mention them in the comments so we can work together to make this the definitive source for window parts on the web. Good luck and happy restoring!

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8 thoughts on “Where to Find Old Window Parts

  1. I m looking for parts for Aluminum sliding window
    U.S. patent no.3.088177
    no. D-198.363
    Product of ADQR / Security
    Hilite COnvertible any suggestion is helpful thk/ew

  2. This is a shot in the dark, but I am trying to learn about my 1951 Andersen double hung wood windows with no ropes or weights, just these “side brakes”. I find zero on the internet. Not a word anywhere. So consequently, I don’t even know what the style is called. They are wonderful windows at 70 years old, love them, they just need adjusting and I can’t figure it out. Any remarks from anyone would be appreciated.
    Gratefully, Dan in Toledo

  3. I recommend a Camden, NJ company called Swisco, https://www.swisco.com/.
    They have a lot of window parts including those window side pistons that keep windows up. They also have cabinet parts. But I love this list for alternates.

  4. Or just walk down my street. More piles of old growth cedar windows are put out for the garbage collection this week. Changing out the original double hung cedar – often with leaded-glass upper – for cheesy, artless and environmentally reckless vinyl is a craze around here. At least two houses I know of have gone vinyl this summer. It’s hard to smile and be nice, and I can’t plant enough trees to screen the view of the homely houses. All the original charm gone, just gone.

  5. Thanks for making these sites available!. Lots of neat stuff. We are working on 200+ yr old shutters on our PA farmhouse. Amazing craftmanship with the little pegs, and mortise and tendons,… no nails.

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