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How To: Install Indow Windows (in only 5 minutes!)

how to install indow windowsIf you haven’t heard of Indow Windows and you own and old house, you are missing out. A couple years ago I bought some of these for my own house and was so impressed that I decided to become their Central Florida area dealer.

Just like any products I mention on this site, I have used them personally and think they can be a great help to folks just like you.

I hate how replacement window companies all over the country are convincing homeowners to replace their original windows by using deceptive tactics. These companies promise big energy gains, which almost never come to fruition, but once you’ve replaced your windows, you’re locked in and can’t go back.

Energy-efficieny is a big concern for most people right now as it should be. Who doesn’t want lower energy bills? But replacement windows are not the answer. What is the answer?

Sustainability & efficiency. A big part of energy-efficiency is sustainability. Tossing a house full of windows into the landfill isn’t sustainable, it isn’t efficient and it isn’t smart.

The smart choice is to keep your original windows (no matter what age) and make them more efficient. That’s what I love about Indow Windows!

If you’re still on the fence about Indows, check out my earlier post.

 3 Reasons I Chose Indow Windows (and so should you!)

If you want to know how easy it is to install these inserts, then check out this short video and as always, we’d love for you to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don’t miss a single tutorial video that you and your home are waiting on!

How do Indows stack up to similar products like Innerglass and others?

Indows Require:

  1. No mounting hardware
  2. No changes to the original windows
  3. Market leading air sealing
  4. Market leading soundproofing

The others don’t even come close in my opinion. What else do you need?

If you do think Indows would be a good fit for your house, then you can click my affiliate link to find a dealer in your area. If you happen to be in Central Florida, you can always give us a call at Austin Historical.

I’m not here to sell you Indow Windows. If they fit your needs and budget, then I say go for it, if not, I hope you find the right solution for you.

But I’m hoping that if I can convince just one person that Indows are an easy way to save their original windows, then I’ll be a happy restorer.


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9 thoughts on “How To: Install Indow Windows (in only 5 minutes!)

  1. I had these installed in by 40 year old bow window, but the corners fold in awkwardly and they silicone edges are already starting to split at the seems. There are also gaps in the corners. I’ve only had them for 12 hours. The installer spent about 35 minutes installing 4 windows. I can’t help but feel they were measured incorrectly but I could be wrong.

    1. It possible that were measured improperly or installed improperly. I would take some pics of the issues and send them to Indow directly if you question your dealer’s ability.

  2. I have 12 pane windows. stained on the inside . how much for all 12 panes and do you have color other than white ?

    1. The inserts actually cover the entire window so the number of panes doesn’t change the pricing. They usually run between $24 and $36 per SF. And yes, there are 3 tubing colors of antique white, brown, and black. The brown blend in well with stained woodwork.

  3. Hi Scott. I am the owner of a small 1970s home. I may not have the historic windows that are featured in a lot of window-renovation videos, but I still want to repair – rather than replace.

    The doublehung windows that I am trying to clean up (and which are in desperate need of sanding, treated with BLO, reglazed… are a particular challenge – because I can’t find any resources that show me how to remove the “sash” (if that is the right word). I have removed the “stops” (right word?) and have been scraping (hope I am not exposing myself to lead)…

    What I really need is – at bare minimum – instructions to remove the top and bottom 6-paned windows. The present obstacle is the aluminum guides – on the right and left. If you would like I can send a photo to help identify the window type.

    WOuld greatly appreciate your response – or resource.

    I have been calling contractors in the area – to find one who might repair ONE window – and I could watch – and then do the rest myself… but not having any luck so far finding anyone to help me.


    1. I think I have the same windows. 12 pane , wood, double sash. aluminium side channels with springs inside ? there are 2 “pins” one on each side at the top of aluminium channel. pull those down and the “pins will come out. I just use a screw driver to pry them down. then the window should be totally free to come out. better with 2 people. take both windows and channels out all at once holding the side channels firmly. be sure you figure out how the springs are attached to the bottom of the window. if you have plastic clips holding the spring to the bottom of the window some clips may be broken. contact me if you need further help. bob

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