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How To: Care for Cedar Shingles

How To: Care for Cedar Shingles

If you’ve got cedar shakes or shingles on your old house you need to know how to care for them to make them last. Learning how to care for cedar shingles, whether they are installed as siding or roofing, is not particularly difficult.

Before you give in and paint your shingles, realize that cedar shingles can last decades with virtually no maintenance. But a little maintenance can keep them looking great and extend their life even further.

Step 1 Clean Shingles

Whether they’re on your roof or wall your shingles may develop mildew or algae and will most certainly weather to a silver/grey appearance after years of exposure. Cleaning away the age is the first step in caring for cedar shingles.

The Cedar Bureau recommends using a solution of 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Apply it with a pump sprayer let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with with a garden hose. Be sure to keep the hose pointed downward to avoid forcing water up behind the shingles.

You should find that this removes the mildew and algae and returns the shingles to a nice tan color rather than the weathered grey they were. If you find that there is still some remaining dirt or growth that remains you can use a nylon bristle brush to scrub the surface.

You want to avoid pressure washing shingles at all costs. Pressure washing can remove wood fibers thinning the wood and shortening the life of the shingles. Not only that, but it forces water into the places where it doesn’t belong possibly causing rot and mold. Read 4 Reasons You Should Never Pressure Wash Your House.

Step 2 Refinish Shingles

After the wood has dried (normally 2–4 days), you can let the wood age naturally or apply an oil-based semitransparent stain. Staining the shingles on a regular basis will help them maintain their color and last longer. Oil-based stains are my preference for wood products in general because the oil penetrates deeper and rejuvenates the wood better compared to water-based stains.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for application, which usually includes recommendations for the proper wood moisture content and ambient temperature at the time of application. In general, finishes should not be applied to wood having a moisture content above 15%. You can use an inexpensive moisture meter to test the content.

The temperature during application and for 24 hours following application should be above 50° F, depending on the manufacturer. That applies not just to the air temperature but to the surface temperature of the shingles themselves.

Using a pump sprayer and a 4″ or 5″ paint brush you can cover a wide area by spraying and then back brushing the surface to work the stain into the wood. Give it at least 24 hrs drying time before further handling.

Step 3 Repeat

While shingles can be left bare to age gracefully, regular cleaning and refinishing is key to keeping wood shingles looking great and lasting for decades. Depending on the exposure and your climate a good cleaning every few years is usually called for since semitransparent stains require regular renewal.

In the end, it’s up to you whether you’re happy with silver weathered shingles or you want to maintain the original color of your shingle siding or roof. Maintaining the color takes some work, but it will extend their life over shingles left alone. The question is, “how do you like your shingles?”

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40 thoughts on “How To: Care for Cedar Shingles

  1. This information is very helpful! Thank you
    I bought a house 3 yrs ago and it has cedar shake siding and I wasn’t sure how to care for it. I’ll definitely be using these tips.

  2. The information you gave about caring for wood, especially the specific temperatures needed for finishing, was really helpful to read. Ever since I visited some of my neighbor’s homes and saw how attractive a fully wooden house is, I wanted to know what I should do to maintain my own house if I were to model it after this design. Your tips will definitely help me keep the longevity of any materials I use, so I’ll keep them in mind when I get a residential roofing company to replace my current roof with a more beautiful wooden one.

  3. Thank you for all your helpful information about caring for cedar shingles and applying them properly. Ever since I saw how stunning most wood-focused houses can be, I’ve always wanted to get my own cedar wood roof to compliment my renovation projects. I had never known that these roofs need specific finishing methods, so I’ll keep them in mind when I look for a residential roofer that can get me a cedar roof installed properly.

  4. I had no ideat that cedar shingles can last decades without needing a lot of maintenance. I think a ton of people just assume that all roofs need continuous maintenance. I hope that I never have to deal with that so I’ll look into getting cedar shakes or shingles.

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