How To Strip Paint (Part 3 Steam Heat)

By Scott Sidler • May 19, 2014


This is the last post in our 3 part series on how to strip paint. In the first one, I talked about working with chemical strippers and when and how to use them. Last week, we delved into the world […]

How To Strip Paint (Part 2 Scrape Like a Pro)

By Scott Sidler • May 12, 2014


This may be the least exciting method of paint removal, but I have found it to be one of the best ways to remove decades of old paint quickly and cleanly. If you can learn how to strip paint without […]

How To Strip Paint (Part 1 Chemical Strippers)

By Scott Sidler • May 5, 2014


I know a lot of you have questions about stripping paint from old woodwork. I know because it’s one of the topics I get emailed about the most. So, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. There are three […]

A Better Way to Strip Paint

By Scott Sidler • September 9, 2019

a better way to strip paint

No one likes to strip paint. Sure we love the end result, but it’s grueling, exhausting work that can be dangerous (lead paint anyone?) or messier than all get out (chemical strippers). As a restorer of historic windows I’m well […]

The Paint Stripper Test

By Scott Sidler • June 5, 2017

the paint stripper test

We are working on an exterior restoration project right now where the client wants to remove all the original paint from the siding and trim. So, that means chemical paint strippers because infrared is too slow and hand scraping is […]

The Best Paint Stripping Tools

By Scott Sidler • September 9, 2013

Being in the business of restoring old houses, I do a lot of paint stripping. And much of that paint is lead paint so I have to be extra careful to make sure we keep our dust under control. Here […]

Profile Paint Scraper

By Ad Thrive • July 31, 2019

Profile paint scraper

Remove paint easily and effectively using our Profile Paint Scraper. This 12 5/8” scraper offers professional quality paint removal in one easy-to-use tool.

Clapboard Paint Scraper

By Ad Thrive • July 31, 2019

Utilize our Clapboard Paint Scraper to complete the professional quality paint stripping you need.