Month: December 2019

All About Slate Roofs

By Scott Sidler • December 30, 2019

all about slate roofs

Not only are they extremely beautiful and long lived, but slate is very DIY friendly as well. In this post I’ll tell you all about the history of slate roofs, how to pick materials, and how to repair them because slate is the best roof you can have.

A Christmas Poem

By Scott Sidler • December 23, 2019

a christmas poem

Christmas in an old house is a time for fun and poking fun. Here’s an original poem for anyone fixing up an old house that should ring true. I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and you get a little break from the renovations to enjoy what’s really important.

The Replacement Window Myth

By Scott Sidler • December 16, 2019

replacement window myth

The replacement window myth is pervasive and tough to beat, but this post comes armed with facts to show you that new windows are not all they appear to be. No you won’t save money with replacement windows and no they aren’t good for the environment. Don’t believe me, then you need to read this!

Paint Chip Repair Made Easy

By Scott Sidler • December 9, 2019

Paint Chip Repair Made Easy

Don’t you get annoyed when you see a section of chipped paint repainted but you can still see the damage? This simple method will ensure your paint chip repairs blend in seamlessly with the surrounding areas never to be seen again. The best news is it is simple and uses inexpensive products.

Wood Floor Refinishing Made Easy

By Scott Sidler • December 2, 2019

Wood Floor Refinishing Made Easy

Wood floor refinishing is a cost effective option for any old house. Whether you do a standard sand and finish or a unique passive refinishing process that I’ll tell you all about you can make those old floors really shine again.