A Christmas Poem

By Scott Sidler • December 23, 2019

A christmas poemMy old house is a joy,

It’s pricing a ploy,

To catch unknowledgeable folks, and foolhardy blokes.

I asked for a Craftsman,

Not an ugly McMansion,

My historical taste, was employed in such haste.

What we thought would be breezy,

You could say easy-peasey,

Has turned into fear, with our budget austere.

Still we brave such a fight,

To restore all this blight,

Like we see on the TV, with prices too cheapy.

We bellow aloud,

With the rest of our crowd,

“Chip and Joanna Gains, must out of their brains!”

Still the paint all is peeling,

My husband is kneeling,

Praying “God won’t you help, such a pitiful whelp.”

We work with the sander,

Employing our candor,

To remove all the paint, with only minor complaint

Reaching close to the goal,

Feeling warmth in my soul,

Soon this house will be finished, and our pride undiminished.

To all who have tackled,

Scraped, sanded, and spackled,

May this Christmas bring rest, and be ever so blessed!


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3 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem”

  1. Awesome! We also know the joy and frustration excitement and exhaustion that come with renovations. Wouldn’t trade the elation of the finished home for anything else in the world.

  2. Love all your efforts to keep us informed about old houses! I left my 1736 house in NH (siold the B&B) lived every project!! The folks love my house so I know it will be in good hands. Now back in Newport RI in a 1910 house learning all about the Edwardian Era. Merry Christmas. Nancy

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