Month: October 2018

4 Hacks to Slash Energy Bills by $300 This Winter

By Scott Sidler

4 hacks to slash energy bills by 300 this winter

Sound “click baity” and too good to be true? It most certainly does, but it is very attainable to slash your energy bills by $300 this winter at your house. How much you save depends on how many of these […]

Have You Heard of Accoya?

By Scott Sidler

have you heard of accoya

What is Accoya? No, it’s not a bookshelf at IKEA. It’s the next generation of treated lumber that I have been experimenting with for a few years now. The results have been surprising and I’m ready to give you my […]

How To: Read a Tape Measure

By Scott Sidler

how to read a tape measure

Learning how to read a tape measure may seem like basic knowledge, but I bet there are a lot of powerful features on your tape measure you’re not even using. Sure, everyone knows the basics of how to read a […]