Month: May 2018

How To: Replace Broken Sash Cords

By Scott Sidler • May 28, 2018

how to replace broken sash cords

On this memorial day weekend, here is the last free excerpt from my new book Old Windows In-Depth that has just been released. Make sure to check it out in the store to get sale pricing before June 1st! So, […]

How To: Restore Varnished Window Sash

By Scott Sidler • May 21, 2018

how to restore varnished window sash

Here we are on week two of your free content from my new book Old Windows In-Depth. This week I’ll be sharing the chapter on how to restore varnished window sash, since the process is a little bit different. All […]

How To: Work with Vinyl Jamb Liners

By Scott Sidler • May 14, 2018

how to work with vinyl jamb liners

This week is the first free chapter from my new book Old Windows In-Depth! Be sure to check out the book, which is available on pre-order in my store until the official release on May 23rd! Today, I’ll show you […]

May is Old Windows Month! (Giveaway)

By Scott Sidler • May 7, 2018

may is old windows month

Well, technically May is preservation month here in the states, but I am making a declaration of my own for May of 2018, because I have some very exciting news! I am officially declaring May to be Old Windows Month! […]