Month: October 2017

A Better Way to Paint a House

By Scott Sidler

paint brush on table

Fall is by far the best time to paint a house in most locations. The cooler, drier weather allows the paint to cure properly and also makes the work more enjoyable rather than suffering through the summer heat or spring […]

How To: Cut Glass

By Scott Sidler

glass cutter diy

So you want to learn how to cut glass? Good! It’s an easy thing to do for any DIYer and it doesn’t require a lot of complex tools. In fact, learning how to cut glass in almost any shape or […]

The Ultimate Guide to Restoration Tools

By Scott Sidler

tools on wood table

Fixing up an old house requires a lot of different tools. Some of them are easy to find at the corner hardware store and some are more specialty items that are a lot harder to find. Just like picking the […]

5 Design Flaws That Drive Me Nuts

By Scott Sidler

confused man

Some many elements of our homes today are not real. Fake, faux, pretend. It’s a big illusion to make homes today look like the real McCoy of yesteryear. Why have shutters that actually function or balconies that can fit a […]

Mid-Century Modern Style

By Scott Sidler

There’s a new kid on the historic block and his name is Mid-Century Modern or Mid-Mod. The youngest of the historic styles of architecture I’ve written about Mid-Century Modern architecture was absolutely on fire during the 1950s and 1960s. Pulling […]