Month: January 2016

How To: Turn an Attic Into a Bedroom

By Scott Sidler • January 25, 2016

how to turn an attic into a bedroom

An attic is often the easiest place to add onto your house. No foundations or setbacks to worry about. Everything is already in place, you just have to transform an empty space into your vision. Create an extra bedroom, a […]

How Much Could Storm Windows Save You?

By Scott Sidler • January 18, 2016

How Much Could Storm Windows Save You

We all know that replacing your home’s original windows is not the solution. Or at the very least, I hope you have seen the light by now, but what about storm windows? Replacements don’t save the money the window companies […]

How To: Work With Spiral Balances

By Scott Sidler • January 11, 2016

Spiral Balances

While most of the windows on historic buildings built before WWII used the simple and effective rope and pulley counterweight system, there are some that utilize different balances systems. A popular option were spiral balances, sometimes called a tube balance, […]

4 Ways Preservation Could Be Better

By Scott Sidler • January 4, 2016

2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Historic Preservation Act and I have been thinking a lot about where we have been, where we are, and where we could be when it comes to┬áhistoric preservation. If you’re a follower of […]