Month: September 2019

I Don’t Want a New House

By Scott Sidler • September 30, 2019

I don't want a new house

Dear friend, No, I don’t want a new house. It’s not that I can’t afford new construction, it’s because I don’t like new houses. Those cold and lifeless stucco boxes, or vinyl wrapped tombs make me claustrophobic. Before we get […]

Wood Filler & Epoxy Test (Year 5)

By Scott Sidler • September 23, 2019

wood filler test

Year five is finally here and I will be showing you the results of my testing of five of the most popular wood filler and epoxy products on the market today. This will be the final year since after five […]

Should I Use Water-Based Polyurethane?

By Scott Sidler • September 16, 2019

Should I used Water Based Polyurethane

Everyone wants to find greener, lower VOC products for their home, but is water-based polyurethane something you should use on your wood floors or other projects? I get this question a lot. Water based polyurethane, or polycrylic as it is […]

A Better Way to Strip Paint

By Scott Sidler • September 9, 2019

a better way to strip paint

No one likes to strip paint. Sure we love the end result, but it’s grueling, exhausting work that can be dangerous (lead paint anyone?) or messier than all get out (chemical strippers). As a restorer of historic windows I’m well […]

Energy Efficient Lighting for Any House

By Scott Sidler • September 2, 2019

energy efficient lighting for any house

It really doesn’t matter how old your house is it can likely benefit from more energy efficient lighting. There are piles of energy savings just waiting to be realized that require nothing more than a trip to the big box […]