Month: July 2019

Double Hung Window Anatomy

By Scott Sidler • July 29, 2019

Double hung window anatomy

Double hung windows are pretty simple and that’s why I love them and love restoring them, but there are a lot of questions as to the many pieces that make up the anatomy of a double hung window. There are […]

The Right Countertops For an Old House

By Scott Sidler • July 22, 2019

The right countertops for an old house

There are so many different kinds of countertops on the market today and I often get asked what an appropriate style for is for an old house. Historic kitchens were nothing like they are today and the idea of built-in […]

The Disposable House

By Scott Sidler • July 15, 2019

The disposable house

Do you remember when we used to make enduring things in this country? Solid, well-built things that would last for generations. I was too young to grow up in a time before plastics, solidly in the midst of the Replacement […]

How To: Save America’s Windows

By Scott Sidler • July 8, 2019

how to save america's windows

I’ve got an idea that might just save America’s Windows! Stick with me and hear me out because it involves you. Historic preservation is a tough business. I think any business that has societal value is tougher than ones that […]

Should You Keep Your Original Windows?

By Scott Sidler • July 1, 2019

Should you keep your original windows

You’ve got an old house. You’ve got old windows. You love them. You hate them. But should you keep your original windows? That’s the question that so many homeowners are faced with. With the push toward green building and energy […]