Month: March 2019

The 6 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools

By Scott Sidler • March 25, 2019

the 6 best gutter cleaning tools

Below, you’ll find six of the best gutter cleaning tools available today to not only keep your gutters clean, but keep your feet on the ground. There are tools in every budget range and for almost any gutter setup included. […]

How To: Soundproof Windows

By Scott Sidler • March 18, 2019

how to soundproof windows

This post is sponsored by Indow, but the opinions expressed are all mine, mine, mine. Hope you enjoy my thoughts! Is there such a thing as soundproof windows? Is it even possible? Believe it or not, I get a ton […]

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

By Scott Sidler • March 11, 2019

spring home maintenance checklist

Once the threat of winter has passed and you have dug out from the season of snow and ice, a simple spring home maintenance checklist of “honey-do” items will get your house ready for the much anticipated warmer weather. Make […]

Crawl Space 101

By Scott Sidler • March 4, 2019

crawl space 101

In older buildings, the crawl space is an 18″ to 36″ space between the floor of the building and the earth where mechanical elements like electrical and plumbing are often hidden. This overlooked piece of the house is important to […]