Month: January 2018

Why I Restore

By Scott Sidler • January 29, 2018

Why I Restore

I thought it might be fun to take a break from all the DIYing and tutorials about how to do this or how to restore that and talk for one week about why we do all this work in the […]

6 Simple Ways to Weatherstrip for Winter

By Scott Sidler • January 22, 2018

6 simple ways to weatherstrip for winter

I know it’s cold outside and we all want to stay warm inside, so what can be done about the cold drafts? I’ve heard a lot of talk about how drafts are just a part of living in an old […]

Mineral Wool vs. Fiberglass Insulation

By Scott Sidler • January 15, 2018

mineral wool vs fiberglass insulation

You probably know fiberglass insulation well. It’s been a staple of residential insulation for decades in the United States. You know, the pink stuff! The insulation that makes you itchy when you install it. Wait, they removed the itchy making […]

Spray Foam vs. Historic Buildings

By Scott Sidler • January 8, 2018

Spray Foam vs. Historic Buildings

A lot of people extol the powers of spray foam these days. When it comes to big gains in R-value and air sealing, there is really nothing else that stands a chance. But insulation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It […]

Insulation for a Cold Climate

By Scott Sidler • January 1, 2018

Insulation for a Cold Climate

While I may live and work in Florida, I’m not unaccustomed to living in the great white north. For years I lived in New York and Boston and suffered through my fair share of winters before heading south. Insulating an […]