Month: September 2017

How To: Use CitriStrip (Kinda)

By Scott Sidler • September 25, 2017

how to use citristrip

Preface: I had a great post all written about how to use CitriStrip effectively just like I have done in the past, but things often don’t turn out exactly like you plan. After writing the post I went to shoot […]

Custom Woodwork Made Simple

By Scott Sidler • September 18, 2017

custom woodwork made simple

Last week we had a fun project come through the shop to replicate some corbels for a 1920s Colonial Revival house in Delaney Park, Florida. I figured this was a perfect way to show you how you can make custom […]

8 Energy Saving Window Treatments

By Scott Sidler • September 11, 2017

8 energy saving window treatments

When people think about energy saving upgrades to their house the first thing they think of is their windows. While it’s true that windows are a source of heat loss in your home there are bigger sources of heat loss […]

How To: Whitewash Wood

By Scott Sidler • September 4, 2017

how to whitewash wood

Whitewash has a long history that goes back well before America does. It was one of the earliest forms of painting and sealing in historic construction and the look is still popular today. It’s a great way to get that […]