Month: August 2017

How To: Age Wood with Vinegar

By Scott Sidler • August 28, 2017

how to age wood with vinegar graphic

Old houses have old wood and old wood looks different than new wood. It’s darker and has more growth rings to it because it’s old-growth lumber. Learn more about old-growth wood here. Old wood is rich with tannins that darken […]

Goodbye, Mr. Jefferson

By Scott Sidler • August 21, 2017

goodbye jefferson

What are we to do with all these old statues and memorials to dead white men? The country is all aflutter with anger, fear, self-righteousness, and a slew of other emotions that have quickly risen to the surface. There are […]

How To: Stain Wood

By Scott Sidler • August 14, 2017

how to stain wood

Learning how to stain wood is one of those basic home improvement skills that everyone should know. Whether you are repairing old wood floors, making DIY shelves or fine furniture it’s a great skill to have to that anyone can […]

Infrared Paint Removal: Speedheater™ Cobra

By Scott Sidler • August 7, 2017

infrared paint removal speedheater cobra

The generous folks at Eco-Strip sent us a brand new Speedheater™ Cobra to test in our shop, and I put it through the paces for a couple weeks on a bunch of different projects. So, this week, I wanted to share […]