Month: April 2017

How To: Make Your Own Glazing Putty

By Scott Sidler • April 24, 2017

how to make your own glazing putty

You may have thought that you can only buy glazing putty from us here at The Craftsman Blog, but did you know you can make your own glazing putty in a pinch? That’s right! It just take a couple basic […]

Do No Harm

By Scott Sidler • April 17, 2017

do no harm

The Hippocratic Oath. It’s something every doctor swears to when he or she becomes a doctor. It’s at the foundation of who they are as a doctor. They are healers, people who restore bodies to health. Whatever unique or creative […]

How To: Age Hardware

By Scott Sidler • April 10, 2017

Say you’ve got an old house full of old hardware that has developed a nice patina over the years, but you have a few missing or broken pieces of hardware. Maybe a missing window latch, a door escutcheon, and a […]

4 Tricks to Match Old Trim

By Scott Sidler • April 3, 2017

4 Tricks to Match Old Trim

Interior trim and casings are some of what make an old house so exquisite! I love the unique profiles and designs on older homes. So many new houses have “standard colonial base and case” as we call it, and it’s […]