Month: September 2015

BoraCare: Stop Termites & Rot Forever

By Scott Sidler • September 28, 2015


You may not have heard of a product called BoraCare, but if you have a wood house it’s something you should know about. The biggest threats to wood are inevitably rot and insect damage. Other than these two issues, good […]

How To: Fix Ungrounded Outlets

By Scott Sidler • September 21, 2015

how to fix ungrounded outlets

A common problem found in old houses is the presence of ungrounded outlets. Either you’re stuck with old fashioned 2-prong outlets that won’t fit your 3-prong devices, or someone replaced the old outlets with 3-pronged outlets that don’t have a […]

How To: Install Indow Windows (in only 5 minutes!)

By Scott Sidler • September 14, 2015

how to install indow windows

If you haven’t heard of Indow Windows and you own and old house, you are missing out. A couple years ago I bought some of these for my own house and was so impressed that I decided to become their Central […]

Which Glazing Putty is Right For You?

By Scott Sidler • September 7, 2015


There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right window glazing putty for you. A lot depends on the type of window and where you will be doing your gazing (outside or in a shop). So, I’ve […]