Month: June 2015

The Rush to Erase the Confederacy

By Scott Sidler • June 29, 2015

Rarely is there a topic in current events that fits with what I post about here on The Craftsman Blog, but this week it has happened. In the wake of the horrific shooting deaths of 9 church members in South Carolina, […]

Finding The Best Wood Glue

By Scott Sidler • June 22, 2015

What’s the best wood glue? That depends. Maybe you’re building mortise and tenon joints. Maybe you’re repairing a small chipped piece of wood or gluing-up a table top. I’ll help you find the best wood glue for your project in this […]

The Easy Way to Make Mortises

By Scott Sidler • June 15, 2015


Last week I talked about How To Cut Tenons on a Table Saw, but a tenon isn’t much good without a mortise to fit into. So, this week I’ll show you the easy way to make mortises. Like all things in […]

My Recent Interview

By Scott Sidler • June 9, 2015

I was recently interviewed by Harry Helmet about old houses and why they matter so much. Here’s a short excerpt of the interview for my favorite folks. You can read the whole interview here.   “Scott Sidler loves old houses […]

How To: Cut Tenons on a Table Saw

By Scott Sidler • June 8, 2015


Mortise and tenon joinery is the great workhorse of wood joinery. It makes for extremely strong joints and it is immensely flexible in terms of the variations you can use. If you are building something that requires 2 pieces of wood […]

Why Old-Growth Wood is Better

By Scott Sidler • June 1, 2015

old-growth wood

There is no better wood to use when repairing an old house than old-growth lumber. Though it is hard to come by (it’s not on the shelves at Home Depot), it is the most appropriate and best performing option, especially […]