Month: July 2013

How To: Install Spring Bronze Weatherstripping

By Scott Sidler • July 29, 2013

Spring Bronze weatherstripping

To allay your concerns that old doors and old windows can’t be energy-efficient, I wanted to make sure we covered how to install weatherstripping on these openings. Weatherstripping has changed a lot over the years. Today it is usually foam, […]

4 Common Paint Problems & How to Fix Them

By Scott Sidler • July 22, 2013

Alligatoring Paint

If you own an old house, you have paint problems…somewhere. It may be from a poor paint job at some point or a paint job that is just too old. Keeping your house painted properly, especially the exterior, is imperative […]

Understanding the 3 Types of Heat Transfer

By Scott Sidler • July 15, 2013

Old House Heat Transfer

Understanding the three types of heat transfer will help you insulate smarter and not just throw money at expensive energy bills like most people. Whether you are in a hot climate or cold climate, it’s all about keeping heat in […]

10 Must-Read Old House Books

By Scott Sidler • July 8, 2013

Books are possibly the greatest resource for anyone looking to learn something new. There is something extremely satisfying about sharing a great book with a friend. So, this is my way of sharing my 10 must-read old house books. These […]

How To: Make an Industrial Style Curtain Rod

By Scott Sidler • July 4, 2013

In our tiny guest house project, I mentioned that I made a shower curtain rod from electrical conduit for a great industrial feel. Not only did this give a cool style to the bathroom, but it is extremely affordable (under […]

The Cost of Doing it Right

By Scott Sidler • July 1, 2013

I get crazy looks from clients when I tell them the price for some of our services. I’m not oblivious to the fact that historic preservation is sometimes expensive, but it seems that the cost of doing it right offends […]