Month: December 2012

9 Reasons To Keep Your Old Windows

By Scott Sidler • December 31, 2012

Clients have been asking me lately why they should restore their old windows. So, I’m half writing this for you, my readers, and half so I can have a handy printout to give to clients who are looking at their […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Old House Style)

By Scott Sidler • December 23, 2012

As I head out for a much needed vacation, I wanted to leave you with a special Christmas gift that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks now. It’s a special version of the most famous Christmas poem just […]

Tips For Historic Home Owners (#16 Patience)

By Scott Sidler • December 21, 2012

Historic Home Tips

This will be the last post in our series Tips For Historic Home Owners. I really hope you’ve enjoyed these helpful mini posts and that you’ve found some value in the info. We’ve been told that patience is a virtue […]

What is an Old House?

By Scott Sidler • December 17, 2012

The bumper sticker on my truck reads, “Please Recycle. Buy an Old House.” It’s not often a company can fit its mission statement on a bumper sticker. A beverage napkin maybe, but we boiled it down to bumper sticker length. […]

How To: Paint With Oil-Based Paint

By Scott Sidler • December 10, 2012

How To Paint With Oil-Based Paint

As I write this post about oil-based paint, I realize that the information is quickly disappearing from both common knowledge and usefulness today. If you live in California, I don’t even think you’re allowed to buy oil-based paint anymore (at […]

Tips For Historic Home Owners (#14 Antique Glass)

By Scott Sidler • December 7, 2012

Historic Home Tips

If it’s your first time in an old house, it may seem troublesome looking out the windows at the blurry images surrounding you. Generally, the older the house, the more flaws and ripples you’ll find in its old windows. And […]

Historic Paint Colors

By Scott Sidler • December 5, 2012

heritage historic paint colors

This is my resource guideĀ full of info to help you choose historic paint colors for your old home. You can find links to almost anything related to painting and paint colors for historic homes right here.   So many people […]