Month: October 2011

How Spooky Is Your Old House?

By Scott Sidler • October 27, 2011

Haunted House

What is it about old houses that makes them such a perfect setting for haunted houses, horror films, and ghost stories? Every fall when the weather turns cool and the Jack-o-lanterns stand guarding front porches across the country, old houses […]

Orlando’s Historic Districts – Colonialtown South

By Scott Sidler • October 25, 2011

ColonialTown South

Neighborhood Facts   Established as a historic district in 2000 Developed mainly between 1883 and 1945 In the 1910s and 1920s H. Carl Dann Sr. was a prominent real estate developer in the Orlando area. And it was his hand […]

Gothic Revival Style

By Scott Sidler • October 24, 2011

Common architectural design features Steeply pitched roof usually with steep cross gables Gables typically have decorated vergeboards Wall surface extended into gable without break Arched/pointed windows commonly extended into gables Prominent chimneys common 1840 – 1870 History The Gothic Revival […]

American Craftsman Style

By Scott Sidler • October 23, 2011

Gamble House

The American Craftsman style is the quintessential home style of America. More popular and more replicated than most others it is the sum of all that America is. It stands for simplicity, excellence and utility. Simplicity in design, excellence in […]

All About Historic Windows

By Scott Sidler • October 22, 2011

For me, windows are one of my favorite, and at times, most challenging  (they’re one of the few parts of a house with lots of moving pieces!) aspects of a classic home. Windows truly are the eyes of your home […]

A History of Wood Floors

By Scott Sidler • October 21, 2011

History Flooring, just like everything else in the home had very humble beginnings. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt, and that was typically slate or other local stones. Royalty were the first to enjoy the comforts of wood […]

Orlando’s Historic Districts – Lake Eola Heights

By Scott Sidler • October 20, 2011

Neighborhood Facts Established 1989 Listed National Register of Historic Places 1992 Approximately 570 buildings in district Period of significance 1875-1949 History In the late 1800s Orlando was enjoying what was remembered as its “Golden Era” when from 1875-1895 it quickly […]

Orlando Historic Districts – Lake Cherokee

By Scott Sidler • October 19, 2011

Neighborhood Facts Established 1981 Approximately 160 contributing structures in district Period of significance 1870 – 1947 Early History Lake Cherokee has been known by several names over its long history. Originally, it was called Lake Eva, after a member of […]