Breaking Glass in the Name of Science

By Scott Sidler October 17, 2016

Today I get to spend the afternoon breaking glass in the name of science and I’ve recorded it on video so you can benefit from my tests without the clean up.

breaking glassBack in the day glass used to be simple. There was a limited supply and variety that you could find for windows and doors. Picking the right types of glass was all about finding the right size to fit the opening.

Today that’s no longer the case. Just to name a few there is annealed, tempered, laminated, insulated, low-e and of course my personal favorite antique wavy glass. The list goes on and on with variations and combinations for almost any application.

In the first of this two part series we’ll be talking about the different types of glass and demonstrate how they break (or don’t break) so you can decide which might work best for your situation. In part 2, we’ll focus on the relative energy-efficiency of each type. I was honestly surprised at the results of my testing, and I think you will be too.

No more delays, let’s get right to the part where I start breaking glass in my shop!

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