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Goodbye, Mr. Jefferson

By Scott Sidler | August 21, 2017

goodbye jefferson

What are we to do with all these old statues and memorials to dead white men? The country is all aflutter with anger, fear, self-righteousness, and a slew of other emotions that have quickly risen to the surface. There are […]

How To: Stain Wood

By Scott Sidler | August 14, 2017

how to stain wood

Learning how to stain wood is one of those basic home improvement skills that everyone should know. Whether you are repairing old wood floors, making DIY shelves or fine furniture it’s a great skill to have to that anyone can […]

Infrared Paint Removal: Speedheater™ Cobra

By Scott Sidler | August 7, 2017

infrared paint removal speedheater cobra

The generous folks at Eco-Strip sent us a brand new Speedheater™ Cobra to test in our shop, and I put it through the paces for a couple weeks on a bunch of different projects. So, this week I wanted to share […]

Insulation for a Hot Climate

By Scott Sidler | July 31, 2017

insulation for a hot climate

  Insulation is a very regional discussion. The best advice for a home in Boston can be disastrous for home in Phoenix and vice versa. In order to insulate a home properly getting advice from a local contractor is essential. […]

Festool: My Healthy Obsession

By Scott Sidler | July 24, 2017


Yes, it’s true I love Festool! Just like any DIYer or contractor I love good tools. The old adage of “use the right tool for the right job” is so true. Using the wrong tool for a job can truly […]

Wood Filler & Epoxy Test (Year 3)

By Scott Sidler | July 17, 2017

wood filler test year 3

Are you ready for Year 3? I hope so because the results are in! For three years now I have been testing some of the most popular wood fillers and epoxies by leaving them exposed to the harsh Florida weather […]

Spar Varnish Vs Regular Varnish

By Scott Sidler | July 10, 2017

spar varnish vs regular varnish

If you are finishing wood with a natural or stained appearance today you’re likely using some kind of varnish or polyurethane. Varnishes create a hard finish that protect and beautifies everything from wood floors to delicate woodwork, but do you […]

A Special Spot in McMansion Hell

By Scott Sidler | July 3, 2017

a special spot in McMansion Hell

This week one of my favorite blogs, McMansion Hell was temporarily forced to shut down due to a cease and desist letter from Zillow. Zillow was claiming that McMansion Hell had been using and modifying their photos in violation of […]