Month: February 2018

Want to Learn Historic Restoration?

By Scott Sidler | February 19, 2018

want to learn historic restoration?

Want to learn historic restoration? I may have a lot of posts and videos on this site to help you learn the skills you need to restore your old house, but sometimes you need a little bit more. Sometimes you […]

Why Fake Shutters Make Me Angry

By Scott Sidler | February 12, 2018

why fake shutters make me angry

It’s true that I have a problem with fake shutters. If you follow my instagram page you’ll see a healthy spattering of shutter fails. They give me a little bit of rage that no other architectural element does (I’ve written […]

How To: Paint an Old Radiator

By Scott Sidler | February 5, 2018

how to paint an old radiator

Your radiator carries a heavy load all winter keeping you warm and toasty, and it deserves a little love too to keep it looking its best. Painting an old radiator is not the same as slapping on some wall paint. […]