Month: February 2019

Define “Beyond Repair”

By Scott Sidler • February 25, 2019

define beyond repair

When the economy is chugging along and money is flowing through our society, it seems to me that some terms get new definitions. The line between “need” and “want” is blurred beyond recognition. Another couple phrases whose definitions get a […]

How To: Restore Window Jambs

By Scott Sidler • February 18, 2019

how to restore window jambs

It may seem like a daunting task to restore your own windows, but I’m here to tell you that just ain’t the case. If you’ve got two thumbs, then you can scrape paint and that is the hardest part of […]

Is Foam Insulation Worth it?

By Scott Sidler • February 11, 2019

is foam insulation worth it

It gets cold outside in the winter but that doesn’t mean it has to be cold inside your house. Using the right kind of insulation in the right way is the key to staying warm and safe indoors. I recently […]

The Pitfalls of Old Home Insulation

By Scott Sidler • February 4, 2019

the pitfalls of old home insulation

Old home insulation is a controversial topic among old house owners and restorers. What are the right materials to add and where can I use them? Will it cause unforeseen problems down the line? There are lots of questions and […]