Month: June 2018

How To: Repair a Chipped Tub or Sink

By Scott Sidler • June 25, 2018

how to repair a chipped tub or sink

If you’re reading this, I’ll guess you’re just like me and you dropped something in your tub and now you’re left with a chip in the porcelain that drives you nuts. Not only is it ugly, but if it goes […]

How To: Prevent Brush Marks

By Scott Sidler • June 18, 2018

how to prevent brush marks

Whenever you are ready for paint on your next project, you may be thinking that the only way to avoid brush marks and get a silky smooth finish is to spray. While spraying is a great option if you are […]

When Windows Used to Open

By Scott Sidler • June 11, 2018

when windows used to open

I’ve been writing about windows all month since my newest book Old Windows In-Depth has just come out for preservation month and so my brain has definitely been in window mode. Just yesterday I drove past a new commercial development […]

DIY Dad Day Gifts

By Scott Sidler • June 4, 2018

DIY Dad Day Gifts

Does your husband or dad really need another tire gauge or techie gadget this year? Maybe this year he’d be better suited with a tool to help him get his hands dirty or a good book to learn something new. […]