Month: June 2017

Rope or Chain: Which is Best?

By Scott Sidler • June 26, 2017

rope or chain which is best

Should I use rope or chain for my windows? This is a big question for a lot of homeowners, and the answer is usually very simple. If your windows originally had rope, then stay with rope and if they originally […]

How To: Make Rust Disappear

By Scott Sidler • June 19, 2017

how to make rust disappear

Rust sucks. Let’s not sugar coat it. Nobody wants to have rust on their metal tools or steel windows. It’s wood rot, but on a different surface and it will slowly eat away the metal things you treasure most. But […]

Free Your Front Porch

By Scott Sidler • June 12, 2017

free your front porch

I see way too many old houses with a front porch that has been bound and gagged. The front porch was closed in with jalousie windows or cheap aluminum windows and plywood siding, almost as an afterthought. It looks so […]

The Paint Stripper Test

By Scott Sidler • June 5, 2017

the paint stripper test

We are working on an exterior restoration project right now where the client wants to remove all the original paint from the siding and trim. So, that means chemical paint strippers because infrared is too slow and hand scraping is […]