Month: March 2016

6 Myths About Old Windows

By Scott Sidler • March 28, 2016

6 myths about old windows

Lie, lies abound when it comes to old windows. Window companies proclaim how their replacement windows will do everything from curing cancer to saving the whales (hyperbole intended!). How can you tell if a window salesman is lying? His lips […]

Easy Fixes For an Energy Efficient Home

By Scott Sidler • March 14, 2016

energy efficient home

Let’s face it, your home’s utility bills never seem to go anywhere but up. The electric companies steadily raise rates, even if the cost of fuels like coal, oil, nuclear, solar, or wind go down. It’s like the third thing […]

How To: Hang Things on Plaster Walls

By Scott Sidler • March 7, 2016

how to hang things on plaster walls

Most of the handy devices for hanging things on our walls were designed for drywall, not plaster. Everything from how to find a stud in plaster walls to what type of fasteners your should use is different. Everyone wants to decorate their […]