Month: July 2015

6 Things That Can Wrong: Your Bath Remodel

By Scott Sidler • July 27, 2015

6 things that can go wrong with your bath remodel

A bathroom remodel in an old house is an experience that turns out to be more difficult than a lot people expect. It’s not as easy as the HGTV shows make you think, and it certainly doesn’t take a quick […]

Is Your Siding…Vegan?

By Scott Sidler • July 20, 2015

is your siding vegan?

Vegan is all the rage these days along with gluten-free everything. I remember as a kid, the strangest diet I every heard of was a vegetarian which I could understand, but knew wasn’t for me. Today things are very different. […]

How To: Prep Wood For Stain

By Scott Sidler • July 13, 2015

how to prep wood for stain

Whether you’re refinishing your floors, making a table, cabinets or any other project that requires finishing, it’s useful to learn how to apply stain properly and make your projects really shine. Applying stain is a pretty easy process that doesn’t […]

The Wood Filler & Epoxy Test (Year 1)

By Scott Sidler • July 6, 2015

wood filler test year 1

One of the most popular posts on my site for the last year or so has been The 7 Best Products to Patch Wood. With over 160 comments and well over 100,000 page views, I took the hint that people want […]