Month: December 2014

How To: Bleed a Radiator

By Scott Sidler • December 29, 2014

how to bleed a radiator

Working on old houses in Florida, I don’t get much opportunity to work on radiators, so I’ve brought in a guest this week to share about how to bleed a radiator to keep your old house warm and toasty this […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas 2014

By Scott Sidler • December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

As I head out for a much needed vacation, I wanted to leave you with a special Christmas gift that I wrote a couple years ago. It’s a special version of the most famous Christmas poem just for my friends […]

What Causes Wood Rot?

By Scott Sidler • December 15, 2014

what causes wood rot

Anyone who has owned an old house for more than a couple months will tell that wood rot is a major frustration. In this post, I’ll show you what causes wood rot and how to stop it. Wood is an […]

How To: Research Your Home’s History

By Scott Sidler • December 8, 2014

how to research your home's history

Most of us know little about our own home’s history, but researching your home’s history can uncover all kinds of interesting stories. For some properties, that history begins with the city or county platting the area and opening it up […]

No More Cold Bathrooms

By Scott Sidler • December 4, 2014


This week’s Ask The Craftsman post is actually a user suggestion and not a question from long time reader Mike. Mike pointed out a post on Cold House Journal (you can read the post here) where the author does a […]

Taking Back Preservation

By Scott Sidler • December 1, 2014


I’ve watched too many old windows get ripped out of houses and thrown to the curb over the years. It’s a wasteful tragedy that seems to only grow. Every year there are fewer and fewer of theses original windows in […]