Month: April 2014

How To: Insulate an Old House

By Scott Sidler • April 28, 2014

how to insulate an old house

  I get asked a lot about insulating old houses, especially in the wintertime. It makes sense. People fall in love with the character rich architecture of these homes, but they don’t want the crazy heating and cooling bills that […]

What to Do About Asbestos?

By Scott Sidler • April 21, 2014


Asbestos is that persnickety little thing that can be hiding anywhere in an old house. From siding to plaster, vinyl floor tiles to insulation, it can be almost anywhere. What makes matters worse is there is no simple way for […]

My 8 Absolutely Essential Tools

By Scott Sidler • April 14, 2014

8 essential tools

For this week, I had a completely different post in mind and my wife completely changed my mind with the most wonderful surprise. You see, yesterday was my birthday! And aside from getting to spend the day with my amazing […]

4 Guaranteed Tricks To Remove Stubborn Screws

By Scott Sidler • April 7, 2014

How to remove stubborn screws

Last week I talked about how to remove paint from hardware, so in keeping with that theme, I wanted to discuss some tips to remove stubborn screws. After all, you can’t restore old hardware unless you can first get it […]