Month: March 2013

How To: Replace Broken Window Glass

By Scott Sidler • March 25, 2013

Whether it’s an errant baseball or a tropical storm, windows are bound to break sometimes. And before you call a window specialist to replace your broken window glass, you might just be able to do it yourself. More importantly, if […]

My First “Restoration”

By Scott Sidler • March 18, 2013

In 2001 I had just returned to New York City from a year in Tokyo performing for Walt Disney. It was a fantastic experience living in a such a different culture and country, but I was happy to be back […]

The 13 Dumbest Building Materials

By Scott Sidler • March 11, 2013

In the name of progress, we have made some pretty dumb “improvements” to the things we use to build a house over the centuries. Some have killed people like asbestos, and others are just so atrociously ugly that they deserve […]

How To: Care For Hardwood Floors

By Scott Sidler • March 4, 2013

How To Care For Hardwood Floors

We do a lot of hardwood floor refinishing at Austin Historical and I often get asked by clients how they should care for their newly refinished wood floors. There is a specific timeline of how to treat and care for […]