30-Minute Lamp Revamp

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When we moved into our new house, we inherited a lot of fixtures that were not exactly what we would have picked out. We decided to make some simple changes now while we design the space for long-term.

I grabbed the lamp shades off these lights and wiped away the dust and grime with a rag moistened with TSP. 

Clean the fixtures

I taped off the top of the lamp shade with blue tape to keep overspray from getting into the inside and placed it on a drop cloth on a calm day.

Tape It Off

Working around in a circle to keep from overlapping was a little different from any project I’ve sprayed before, but I was able to get good even coverage with one coat.


The paint was dry to the touch in 20-mins, but I waited two hours before handling the lamp shades like Krylon recommends. 


I dropped them back on the lamps and ba-da-boom!  There was now a different feel to our island pendant lamps for the cost of a can of Krylon spray paint and a little masking tape.

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