What’s the Best Window Sash Cord?

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I have searched for the best and most cost effective solution for sash cord for over 20 years.  I've tested various brands and strengths over the years before settling on  two favorites.

I've Tested Many Types of Sash Cords

Sash cord, or sash rope, is historically made from braided cotton because it resists stretching and holds up better than others to UV exposure.  Fully synthetic ropes are notorious for stretching over time, resulting in window sash that won’t close or operate properly.

Today the best sash cord retains the braided cotton exterior with an extra nylon core for added strength. This combination of materials give excellent performance and extra long life compared to the original ropes.

Sash rope only lasts so long. Quality sash rope can last a long time (in most cases 50-70 years!) so you’ll likely only re-rope a window once in your lifetime. The cheap rope will likely give out in less than a decade. 

How Long Does Sash Cord Last?

The Two Best Sash Cords are:

Samson Sash Cord &  Buffalo Sash Cord

Very stiff compared to other options.

Samson Sash Cord:

Creates an excellent knot size for tucking into the side of the sash without requiring a nail to secure it in place.

My recommended size is #8 spot cord which is 1/4” thick. This rope is extremely strong. With a working strength of 150 lbs.

Samson Sash Cord:

The same 1/4” cotton braid with nylon core as the Samson rope, but no pink dots so you get a clean off-white color that blends well.

Buffalo Sash Cord:

Also, it's softer/does not feel as significant as the Samson cord. It is extremely easy to cut with a razor knife.

Buffalo Sash Cord:

With a working strength of 100 lbs it is considerably weaker than Samson rope, but is still sufficient for most installations.

Buffalo Sash Cord:

If you pick either of these sash cord you really can’t go wrong. It just depends what you are looking for. Both ropes are available in 100 ft. hanks, but Buffalo has the advantage of also being sold in 1200 ft. spools which Samson has only recently stopped producing.

Bottom Line:

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