What is Board & Batten Siding?

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Board and batten siding is a style of wood siding that gives a classic, rustic appearance to a home. 

What is Board & Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding is most commonly associated with rustic and traditional homes, such as barns (or today’s Barndominiums), farmhouses, and cottages.

It was often used in homes Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which emerged in the late 19th century emphasizing handcrafted elements and natural materials.

Board and batten siding has its roots in Scandinavia and other northern European countries, where it was used as a simple and effective way to protect homes from harsh weather conditions.


The boards were simple to mill and didn’t require complex woodworking.  The technique was later adopted by English and Dutch settlers in North America in the 18th century.

Traditionally made from wooden boards between 6 and 12 inches wide, and 8 to 16 feet long, they were then installed vertically with narrow wooden strips, called battens, that were typically 2-3 inches wide covering the seams between the boards.

What's a Batten?

Today, board and batten siding is made from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and metal.

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