How to Stain Outdoor  Furniture

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Do you know how to stain outdoor furniture?

Check this out:

Two years ago I built this Adirondack chair for my backyard.

It's time for a fresh stain.

As with any refinishing the process starts with lots of sanding to get the old finish off and clean off any grey, weathered wood.

Sand the Wood

Make sure you have drop cloths or tarps underneath your work and you’re wearing gloves and clothes you won’t cry over if they get stain on them. Chances are…they will get stain on them.

Prep the area

Have a plan to move methodically from one side to another working from the top down keeping a wet edge until you have finished the whole project in one setting.

Keep the  edge wet

If you do decide on a second coat it should be applied while the first coat is still wet. Don’t apply multiple coats after each has dried or you will build up a film which is not how exterior stains are designed to work.

Apply additional  coats while wet

Give it a couple days to cure properly before putting it into service.

Wait 24-48 hours

Just like any exterior wood project, it will need regular maintenance, and two years is more than enough between refinishings in my southern climate.

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