Tips For Historic Home Owners (#9 Seek Out Other Old Home Lovers)

By Scott Sidler • October 26, 2012

Restoring an old home can be rough. Often times, you’ll come to the end of your rope either from lack of energy, funds, knowledge, or all three. When that time comes (and it will come), it’s time to look outside yourself.

Finding a “tribe” of old house lovers to be a part of is the best way to get inspired and push past those times when you hit the wall. All of us were made for community. You need a place to get new ideas and hear support from others who been there and done that.

A community is not just a place where we go to get answers to our own problems. You’ll find great satisfaction in helping others with pieces that you’ve picked up through your experiences.

Old House Communities

  • Local Neighborhood Associations & Historic Societies – The place to go for actual face time. Plus, they have the added benefit of friends who can help you on your projects and vice versa.
  • Online Communities – There are plenty of forums and blogs (like this one!) where you can go to learn and share your knowledge, whether it’s posting in the comments of a blog or responding to bulletin boards.

Whatever works for you, just find that community and jump in. The rewards are inspiration, problem solving, and good old-fashioned support!

Let me know your favorite online old house communities in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Tips For Historic Home Owners (#9 Seek Out Other Old Home Lovers)”

  1. Yes! This post came at a good time! I’ve been wondering just what, exactly, we got ourselves into! (A botched paint job that was ‘finished’ just today doesn’t help!) We have no idea what to do now, and we’re new to this town. I will do more hunting for fellow old home lovers!

  2. Was so excited to see your newest blog on my email. Couldn’t wait to read it. Thanks for ALL your great blogs and this one today, really fits the bill. Looking forward to working with you.

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