Tips For Historic Home Owners (#14 Antique Glass)

By Scott Sidler • December 7, 2012

If it’s your first time in an old house, it may seem troublesome looking out the windows at the blurry images surrounding you. Generally, the older the house, the more flaws and ripples you’ll find in its old windows. And despite the perfectionist in us all, this glass, though old and outdated, is a rare feature that is definitely worth saving.

The less there is of something, the more value it has. This is a simple exercise in supply and demand. Antique glass, glimmer glass, wavy glass- whatever you call it, it is quickly disappearing from old homes across the world. In 2011, there were approximately 26.1 million replacement windows sold in America. And many of those replaced historic wooden windows in old homes just like yours. As those millions of old windows make their way to the landfill, we are left with that much smaller of a supply of antique glass.

You see, each window pane in an old house is unique. I can tell you exactly which windows in my house have bubbles, and it’s that character- that uniqueness, that drives me to save each and every pane I can. The old windows in your house are like its fingerprints. Each one is unique and beautiful in its imperfection, just crying out to be saved for the generations to come.


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2 thoughts on “Tips For Historic Home Owners (#14 Antique Glass)”

  1. So glad you addressed head on how the replacement window industry spends $$$billions telling us our old windows are inefficient and should be trashed. The old wood on my windows I found out is much stronger than the new wood of even modern wood windows. When I looked at the warranties on some new windows they were only 15 years. Then I;d have to buy new ones again. Ain’t so green or sustainable.

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