The Patinator

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The magical reusable product that gives new brass or bronze hardware an aged natural patina look with just a quick soak!

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When you need new hardware to look old, a quick soak in The Patinator and your shiny new hardware will quickly start to develop a warm natural patina. Soak for a short time and get a reddish brown color. Longer soaking creates a dark brown and eventually black graphite color. No spray paint, just a natural living finish that will continue to age and look great with no care.

Developed to work specifically with brass and bronze, but it also works on steel and other metals with slightly different coloring results. It will NOT work on lacquered metals unless the coating is stripped from the hardware first. It can be diluted with water for a slower working time.

One more great thing: The Patinator can be used over and over before loosing its effectiveness. One bottle can do almost a full house of hardware!

  • One 16 fl. oz. bottle per order

Visit my tutorial on how to use The Patinator.

Caution! This product is caustic and contains phosphoric acid which is a skin irritant and eye irritant. Always wear safety glasses or goggles as well as nitrile or latex gloves during use. Avoid prolonged skin contact. DO NOT ingest!


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