Spring Bronze


Lower your energy bills the best way with Spring Bronze weatherstripping. Spring bronze weatherstripping provides the best seal to keep air, water, and bugs out of your home and increase the energy efficiency of your windows and doors.



Spring bronze weatherstripping provides an excellent seal to keep air, water, and bugs out of your home. Spring bronze is extremely effective and durable enough to last generations without replacement and is virtually maintenance free and user-friendly to install.

An average sized window of 3’x5′ will require approximately 14′-16′ of spring bronze. One 100′ roll will weatherstrip approximately 6-7 average sized windows.

1 1/4″ wide roll of 100 feet. 1 1/4″ spring bronze works well for windows and doors between 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″ thick.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 3 in


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