Speedheater™ Cobra


With its 20-year-tested infrared technology, the new Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives with incredible speed. The concentrated Cobra heat softens the paint in 1-3 seconds without scorching the valuable wood.

It makes easy scraping of hard-to-reach surfaces with curves and details like old windows, spindles, and furniture. It protects our environment by eliminating flying chips and dust and uses approximately 75% less energy than the commonly-used heat gun.

Cannot ship to PO Boxes!


The new Speedheater™ Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives with incredible speed. The Speedheater™ Cobra is very effective and convenient for both interior and exterior paint removal, windows, and furniture.

Length: 14” (includes handle)
Width: 3.75” (of head)

Weight: 22 oz. (1.3 lb)

Volts: 120V
Watts: 700W
Amps: 5.8

Electrical Connection: 1 phase standard grounded outlet.
Cord: 16 gauge 3 wire, 8 feet long.
Switch: ON/OFF

Dimensions of Heated Surface:
Length: approx. 3.5” /92 mm
Width: approx. 2.8” /68 mm

In accordance with European CE Standards: EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-45.


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