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If your old wood windows are leaky, rotted, or painted shut, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for replacement windows that will wear out in just a few years. You can restore them yourself and this book will show you exactly what to do.

This book is the basics. The simplest process to restore wood windows. For the most comprehensive book that encompasses all aspects of window restoration (including steel windows) check out my full length book Old Windows In-Depth.

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If your original wood windows are leaky, rotted, or painted shut you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for replacement windows that will wear out in just a few years. You can restore them yourself and I can show you how.

I am the owner of a historic restoration company and we have restored thousands of wood windows. What is contained in this book is the process we use. This is the ONLY step-by-step guide for wood window restoration out there!

I know because I searched for years and have read every other book on the topic of historic windows. They are usually filled with information but none of them told me what to do and how to do it. That’s where this book is different!

You’ll get 76 pages of full-color, picture-filled tutorials detailing exactly what to do from start to finish. The whole process is broken down into bite size pieces and described in a simple way that makes sense to ordinary homeowners not just preservation professionals.

Read what others are saying:

“WOW! this is an amazing book!!! Just like the title says, this book makes restoring windows easy! DIYers, you must have this book!!!” – Preservation Jacksonville

“Best DIY for windows out there!” – J. Irons

“I wish this book was available when we started. It would have saved countless hours of research, collecting the information piecemeal from dozens of sources. It includes just what you need to know, without any extra fluff to amuse or confuse you.” – L. White

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  1. Cheverly

    Simple, clear instructions from start to finish. Great!

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