Historic Restoration Plan (eBook)


Get a plan for the restoration of your historic building. Whether it’s a house or some other building this guide will help you start off on the right foot and put together a plan that will save you money and stress as you restore your old house.

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How do you restore an old house? One methodical step at a time. But the trick is most people, contractors included, don’t know the ins and outs of historic buildings. They are a different animal from houses built after WWII.

This guide will help you plan all the details you need for renovating and restoring a historic building. Starting with a renovation schedule to teach you the order you should complete the work in. Is the roof first or the foundation? It’s the roof and you’ll be surprised to find out why!

As a bonus, you’ll also get my 7¬†Keys to a Killer Renovation¬†which will give you the 7 questions my $1 million restoration company uses before every project to make sure things are as great as they can be!


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