Choose our New Logo!

By Scott Sidler • November 20, 2011

Help us choose which logo we should use! We’d love to hear your thoughts on which one you like and if you would change anything about it (ie. colors, elements, fonts) We’d love to get your opinion!





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3 thoughts on “Choose our New Logo!”

  1. I like the first one best because it has an original and authentic feel. Austin stands out which it should. I started following your blog because of the name The Craftsman and I am really interested in the promotion and conversation of craftsmanship so I like the connection of your name with the tag line. I am struck by the term “historical craftsmanship.” did you consider any other words like historic, traditional, etc? I can see what you are saying so this may be the most concise way to say it, but historical is a word to describe something that occurred in the past and you are operating in the present. Putting historical
    In there does remind the reader that you work with historical homes but I wonder if “craftsmanship you can trust” is strong enough alone?

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